Clarinet in A by Ottensteiner-Hess (1879-1895)

The Georg Ottensteiner workshop flourished in Munich until Ottensteiner's death in 1879.  At the time of his death, the workshop continued to complete unfinished Ottensteiner instruments under the direction of Wilhelm Hess Jr. (1841-1880).  It was at this point that the "NFG/W. HESS" stamp was superimposed over the "G. OTTENSTEINER/MUNCHEN."  Following the death of Hess in 1880, Anton Osterreid, who had trained in Paris with Ottensteiner and was employed by Hess, married Hess' widow, and continued to make instruments following the designs the original Baermann-Ottensteiner clarinet with minimal changes.  The stamp at this point seems to have begun to change to the "OSTERREID/GERLACH" stamp that would continue from 1895 onward following the merger of the Ottensteiner-Hess-Osterreid and Johann Gottlieb Gerlach workshops.

Instrument Specifics:
Key: A (pitch A438-440)
Materials: Boxwood, Nickel-Silver
Key Mechanism: Full Baermann (minus RH-thumb, Alt LH Eb and F

This instrument has been incredibly well-preserved.  The keywork moves freely and all tone holes still have sharp edges and no chips.  There is a small hairline crack on the lower joint (socket) typical of such instruments, and another hairline crack in the barrel (dorsal side).  Both cracks have been previously glued and filled.  The bore is remarkably straight and still holds the correct dimensions based on other surviving Ottensteiner A clarinets.